SCERE's  self-titled debut EP comprised of five evocative downtempo electronic tracks will be released on the 20th of December 2019. A hypnotic, dreamlike ambience carries a siren voice along through stories ranging from mortality to the immortal. 

The enigmatic vocalist Coral makes her debut on SCERE on her own terms. Her smokey, alluring voice bringing lyrics to life evoking emotion and passion. 

Ged, who is also currently involved with rivet-punk band Der Prosector, emerged from the 90’s music scene in the UK as a member of the renown industrial group C-TEC, featuring singer Jean-Luc DeMeyer from Front 242, Marc Heal from Cubanate, and Julian Beeston from Nitzer Ebb.  

Jules Seifert is the former front man of The Sepia: an explosive hard floor industrial outfit known for stage presence and notable genre dancefloor hits such as ‘Blade’, ‘Stutter’ and ‘Polaris’, touring extensively in the early 90s. His music can be found on numerous TV, film and video productions. He is also a member of Der Prosector and is the driving force behind Epic Audio Media.

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