SCERE is a collaboration between two like-minded artists from very different backgrounds: Ged Denton who cut his teeth in 90's British industrial bands, combined with the soulful vocals of a previously unreleased American singer, Coral. They share a love for downtempo, trip hop and electronic sounds and have curated their debut EP in a style that is passionate and intimate. 

Ged, who is also currently involved with cyber-punk band Der Prosector, emerged from the 90’s music scene in the UK as a member of the renown industrial group C-TEC, featuring singer Jean-Luc DeMeyer from Front 242, Marc Heal from Cubanate, and Julian Beeston from Nitzer Ebb.  Hailing from the US, Coral is an emerging creative talent with unique vocals that add the perfect blend of seduction to SCERE’s mesmerizing downtempo groove beats.

Currently based in Florida, the duo set out to make music with a lush, diverse and atmospheric approach, where the beautiful blankets of textural sounds typically associated with trip hop merge with a darker and more haunting mood, often linked with Ged’s background in industrial music.

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